Race Recap: MCSS Round 6 at Charlotte
Charlotte Motor Speedway 05 DECEMBER 2021

Round 6 of the Mermaids Charity Sprint Series concluded over the weekend, taking place at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Race 1 began with blistering track temps in the afternoon sun, and race 2 concluded under the lights seeing Prismatic Motorsports’ Emily Howe score both victories while clinching the overall championship.

+MVT Racing secured podium positions in race 1, with Chris Nolte in P2 and Steven Carlile in P3, while Matt Zee struggled to find grip on the slick surface, finishing P11.

Race 2 saw Zee taking the lead early on, while Nolte and Carlile sustained damage from separate lap 1 incidents. Nolte continued on but Carlile was forced to make an unscheduled pit stop for repairs.

As the race continued, Zee faded back to P9 as Nolte moved up into P3, and Carlile stormed through the field up to P5 despite having to make the extra pit stop.

With two rounds left in the season, Emily Howe’s dominance has given her enough points to claim the championship. Carlile, Nolte, van Stevelen, and Zier are still locked in a close battle for positions 2-5.

Final Results

CARLILE – Race 1: P3 /// Race 2: P5
NOLTE – Race 1: P2 /// Race 2: P3
ZEE – Race 1: P11 /// Race 2: P9

Top 5 Points Standings after Round 6
1Emily Howe304
2Steven Carlile154
3Chris Nolte127
4Lia van Stevelen122
5Lilac Zier104

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